If you are not satisfied with the contour, shape or size of your nose, you could get it rectified by having your Rhinoplasty surgery in Turkey. Also commonly known as a nose job, it is very popular cosmetic surgery among both men and women for making corrections in the characteristics of their nose. The aim of the surgery is to make your nose look more in sync with other facial features.

Rhinoplasty cost much less with TurkeyMedicalTrip. We bring you huge savings in cost and the procedure is conducted by the best cosmetic surgeons in India who are highly qualified and experienced, and the surgery will be done at cosmetic clinics and hospitals that equal to their western counterparts.


People who are not happy with shape, size or contours of their nose can undergo rhinoplasty surgery after the age of 18. Candidate must be emotionally stable, physically healthy, have realistic expectations and understands the risks associated with the surgery.


Rhinoplasty in Turkey is usually done under general anaesthesia. An incision is made inside the nose and sometimes a small incision is made across the columella. Your surgeon would then either reduce the wedges of skin if the nose is to be narrowed, or if the nose needs to be built up, silicone implants or cartilages from some other body parts are used to build up the nose. Your surgeon would then drape the newly built nose with skin and soft tissue. A splint is usually placed on nose for about a week to stabilize it, and you would be asked not to make it wet.

The whole procedure will require you to be at the clinic for 2 nights and a week after that to recuperate, before you are fit to fly back to your home country. This totals up to 8-10 days for the entire process and treatment to complete. If the procedure is done along with other procedures like face lift, brow lift or MACS face lift etc., you should plan to stay in Turkey for over 2 weeks.

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