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Go for Rhytidectomy, Grow Young

Time always marches ahead of us. Time reveals itself in aging signs. The aging signals manifest on the face and the abdomen. ‘Face lift’ is the clinical procedure to arrest those age signs on the face. The clinical name of this surgical process is “Rhytidectomy”. It is cosmetic surgery method to rectify the age signs that become evidently visible on our necks and faces. Here are certain aspects that you need to know and also investigate prior to aspiring to grow young, courtesy facelift.

Beware: Once Done Can’t Be Undone

One thing is for sure though, the results are permanent. In other words you cannot return to the pre-surgery phase of your neck and face — come what may. Hence, you should go for the face lift procedure only if you are realistic about the post-surgery results.

The Alternatives

There are many non-surgical approaches to arrest the aging signs. They delay the naturally manipulated aging process. Remember, such alternatives can act as complimentary to face lift – the surgical method. Sometimes, you ought not to use the alternatives in the post-surgery phase. Hence always consult the doctor if you wish to go for and/or continue with the anti-aging medication and/or exercise schedule. The aging signals become prominent if one accumulates fat.

Age And Fats: The Unholy Nexus

As one gains in age, many vulnerable portions of one’s body tend to grow fat. If the fat accumulation syndrome is not addresses at the initial stages, the aging signs would become rather prominent. What is more, the excess fat content can lead to many complications of the skin. Its prominent fallout is the appearance of saggy skin around those fat-accumulated parts. Such negative results of natural aging can be quite unnerving for a person, psychologically. Its effects can be even more disastrous in his professional dealings as s/he might be unable to put in his 100 percent under such mental pressures.

What Does Face Lift Address?

The issues that face lift or rhytidectomy addresses are deep creases, jowls, saggy skins, loose muscles and loose fat on the face portion. Face lift surgery can rectify scarred or deeply and densely furrowed brows (through the ‘brow lift’ surgery process); and also remove the sagging areas around the eyelids (through the surgical process known as ‘eyelid surgery’). Brow lift and eyelid surgery procedures are popular as cosmetic or rejuvenation methods.

Jowls & Deep Creases: What Are They?

With age, jowls and deep creases can appear all around the face. Jowls are results of the slackening muscles on the lower face. Deep creases surface in the brow region, the portions just below the eyes and/or all along the portion right from the nose to the mouth. Such creases displace the superfluous or excess fats from those areas. Such displaced fat look like bits of hanging flesh. If these symptoms are evident, then you can consult your plastic surgeon about the possibility of you going for face lift.

Saggy Skins: Why Do They Appear And Where?

The skin turns saggy due to accumulation of fats. Saggy skins appear around the mid-face region as well as on and around the chin and the jaw regions of the face. A typical example of saggy skins around the jaw and below the chin areas is the ‘double chin syndrome’. The hanging skin at those portions tends to make a person appear quite overweight. It can also affect his overall personality by having an adverse impact on his facial appearance. Face lift can be an ideal solution.

Ideal Patient: The Right Approach

By now you have come to know the symptoms that call for rhytidectomy or face lift surgery. However, the ball is now in your court as you would have to decide not only to check out the signs with your physician but also foot the bill for the consequent expenses.

Hence the maiden step for you would be to adopt the right positive approach that should also be realistic. Remember, face lift can definitely bring about certain transformations by rectifying the aforementioned aging and fat accumulating signs on your face, but you need to be also aware of the fact that your post-operation results might not match up to your pre-operation expectations.

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