Brow Lift

Are there unwanted worry lines on your forehead that make you look glum? Does your forehead have furrows that make you appear tired and angry? Well, then you could consider getting a brow lift in India. This surgery remodels your brow area, making you look younger and more energetic.

The early signs of aging are prominently visible on your forehead and near your eyes. The skin above your eyes begins to droop, making the eyes look tired and face look older. The brow lift, which is also commonly known as forehead lift elevates eyebrows and area above the eyes to give the face a youthful appearance. The surgery involves lifting of the brow and tightening of the loose skin on the forehead thereby reducing wrinkles on the forehead, heavy eyebrows, frown lines and sagging of skin.

Brow lift in Turkey is an extremely affordable cosmetic surgery and is done by some of the most experienced and crafty plastic surgeons in Turkey handpicked by TurkeyMedicalTrip at private clinics and hospitals that equal their Western counterparts in terms of quality and safety standards.


Usually for men and women above the age of 40, who look tired and older than their age, or those whose forehead shows unintended emotions because of deep furrow lines can undergo a forehead surgery. Young adults who have concerns with forehead or eyebrows can also undergo brow lift. Candidates for brow lift surgery must be physically fit, emotionally stable and understand the procedure and as well as the risks involved.


Forehead lift in Turkey is usually carried out under general anaesthesia and is done by open or endoscopic techniques depending on your skin type, texture and your hairline.

In the open forehead surgery technique, the surgeon makes an incision from one ear to the other ear along the hairline, so that the incision is well hidden in the natural creases of your skin. The surgeon then removes extra fat from under the skin and tightens the muscles. The skin is then stretched and stitched in its place.

In an endoscopic brow lift plastic surgery technique, the surgeon makes 3-5 small incisions on the forehead and through these incisions, inserts an endoscope to operate on the muscles and fat in the area. The eyebrows are then lifted and held in place with stitches. Endoscopic technique is less invasive than open technique and requires lesser healing and down time.

You are to stay at the hospital for a day after the surgery and another week in Turkey before you can fly back. A total of thus 8 days is sufficient for you to get a brow lift in Turkey, recover and head back home.

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