Arm Lift

Arm lift, also known as Upper arm lift is one of the most popular surgery procedures. Mostly women undergo this surgery to get rid of sagging arms post a massive weight loss or aging, however, men are not far behind. Men undergo upper arm fat removal surgery to remove excess fat and make it look more athletic. Massive weight loss and aging have visible effects on the arms, making them loose and shapeless. Arm lift in Turkey is considered to be exceptional precision-based as well as cost efficient.

The skin loses its elasticity after massive weight loss and arms, especially become loose and flabby. Arm lift removes extra fat and excess skin from the arms to give them a good contour and shape.

Arm lift in Turkey is done by some of the best cosmetic surgeons handpicked by TurkeyMedicalTrip, at private cosmetic surgery clinics and hospitals in Turkey that equal their European and American counterparts in terms of quality and safety standards and also let you have huge savings.


Men and women who have lost massive weight after Bariatric surgery or otherwise and have loose skin in their arms can undergo Plastic surgery for the arms. Women and men, who only have fat in their arms, need Liposuction of the arms. But for excess skin, arm lift surgery is required. The ideal candidates are those who are physically healthy, emotionally stable, understand the procedure well and have realistic expectations from the procedure.


Arm lifts is done under general anaesthesia and takes about 2-3 hours. An incision is made from the inner elbow extending towards the armpit in a way that the incision is least visible. The surgeon removes extra fat and skin through this incision to give a nice contour to the arms.

Drainage tubes are usually kept in place to remove extra fluid, which are removed in a day or two after which you would be discharged. Your arms would be tied with bandages and compression garment.

You would stay at the hospital for a day after the upper arm lift surgery. The surgeon would advise you to stay for another 5-6 days in Turkey before you could fly back. A total of 8-10 days are required for you to get an arm lift in Turkey, recover and fly back to your country.

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